Punky B Designs was created from my need for a sticker kit that worked for my own planning style. Others in the community started asking to buy my kits, so I opened and Etsy shop. Nearly 12,000 items sold later, and I opened this little home on the web to better showcase my products.

When COVID hit, I found myself laid off for "2 weeks" and decided to spend that time working ahead on new designs. That 2 weeks turned my small business into a full time family affair and we even have an employee now! I even launched a planner line last year!

As of the end of 2023, we have created and sold over 40,000 items. Nearly everything on this site is hand created by myself, my team, or wholesaled from other artisans... no mass producing here, even our planners! We pride ourselves on providing an excellent product at a reasonable price-point, with unmatched customer service.

And if you are wondering, the name Punky B was derived from my 2 kiddos nicknames: Adilyn (who is 12) goes by Punk and Britton (almost 14) has gone by Bubba or "B" since before he was born!